Saturday, August 24th at 6:30 PM

Join Chef Richard Robinson of Pink Salt Restaurant,
Chef Walter Busconi of Chef of the World
and Sommelier Kara Joseph of Wine Inspired
for an:

International Culinary Experience

Enjoy food and wine from around the globe.  The chefs will prepare your 4-course dinner in a instructional setting.  The demonstration
will include a salad, appetizer, main course and dessert.

Sommelier, Kara Joseph will pair a different wine with each course and finish off with a final wine. These wines come from around the world
and were chosen by Kara to work perfectly with the flavors introduced by the chefs.

Pink Salt Restaurant
6082 Saint Augustine Road
Jacksonville, FL 32217

$85 per person

Seating is Limited!

Pink Salt Restaurant

Chef Richard Robinson

Chef Richard Robinson is owner and mastermind behind Pink Salt Restaurant and Catering. 

Chef Robinson’s philosophy is to only use the freshest ingredients for his cuisine. 

Prior to opening Pink Salt Restaurant, Chef Robinson worked in hotel kitchens, learning from chefs from all over the world.  He embarked on his own culinary career with a catering company in Atlanta featuring mostly Caribbean cuisine with an Indian influence.  He soon moved the catering business to Jacksonville and now runs it as part of the restaurant.

Chef Robinson’s focus on cuisine preparation rests on five principles of food preparation: integrity, passion, fresh ingredients, service, customer satisfaction.

Chef of the World

Chef Walter Busconi

Chef Walter F. Busconi Lage started his career more than 20 years ago. During this journey, he worked in all kind of kitchens from small diners and family-owned restaurants. Celebrity Chef Jhonny V knew him as a “Caribbean Cowboy” in the fancy Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale Fl. He was Head Chef in a small local restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Line Chef at the Prestigious Coral Ridge Country Club, Banquet Chef at Waldorf Astoria Resort and Dining Services Director at Brookdale Assisted Living community.

During this marvelous path, Chef Busconi professionally prepared himself by earning diplomas in Culinary Art and Nutrition and Diet Specialist. 

Chef Busconi comes from a mixed family from Italy and France; therefore his roots are present in his food, and through this marvelous profession, he has discovered other cultures with their culinary distinction. He has been so captivated by their aromas, flavor, and textures, that he added them to his culinary creations.

Having many years of experience and knowing culinary techniques is very important. However, there is something he learned from his mother and grandmother. It is the secret ingredient that makes delightful dishes: COOKING WITH LOVE!

Wine Inspired

Kara Joseph Sommelier

Kara became a Certified Sommelier after spending a year in Napa Valley, working at Inglenook Estate, where she fell completely in love with wine. 

She has traveled to France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and throughout the U.S. visiting and learning from producers and immersing herself in wine culture. 

After deciding to trade pastoral Napa Valley for the hustle and bustle of the Manhattan, she worked as a Sommelier at Maialino and Wine Director at White Street in Tribeca.  Upon gaining valuable experience at the table, she decided to share the wine insights she had gathered in her travels, studies and hard labor with budding oenophiles. 

Her passion for wine is only matched for her passion for being with people.  Thus, her current project is developing her own business centered around wine education and consulting in sunny Florida.  Her business is called Wine Inspired and the goal is to seamlessly combine her love of people and wine.  Wine Inspired impacts Jacksonville by curating wine tastings, dinners, and events in people’s homes, restaurants, and various other organizations throughout the city. 

Kara always wanted to make the world a better place and with Wine Inspired she plans to, one palate at a time.     

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